Buying a 2nd Home for Travel During COVID-19

Second homes

It’s probably a fair assumption to make, that during the past year many of us have expressed the wish – either openly or secretly – to own a second home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the idea of second home ownership is not within the easy reach of everyone, according to a feature article in Fortune Magazine, over 10 million people already own second homes in the United States, and that figure is growing. While in Europe, from the sun-drenched beaches of the Iberian Peninsula to the forests and lakes of Scandinavia, it is estimated that 1 in 6 people own a second home.

Right throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, the idea of owning a second home has led many individuals to explore the real possibilities of such a move, especially now that the working population has mastered working remotely, from any location.  They have seen, read, or heard the stories of others with ownership of a second home; a hideaway to ride out the pandemic, while maintaining a normal lifestyle in relative safety.

Pandemic or no pandemic, the present situation has brought the realization that a second home is a means of ensuring personal safety, or simply the pursuit of an alternative lifestyle away from the complexities of urban living. It does have many enviable advantages. Along with being closer to family, many have forsaken the office space in return for working from a second home that feels like a vacation.

Second Home

Second homes and private jet demand

Having a year-round second home affords the owner the flexibility  of year-round options. From tackling the pristine snow-covered slopes in the US or Europe, or feeling the powdery white sands of a Caribbean island paradise between your toes, the decision to live, work and play in a different location whenever you want is yours.

With the ever-growing demand for second homes right around the world, the supply of villas, houses, apartments, and condominiums is growing faster than ever before. According to the leading construction industry magazine Builderonline, ‘high-end second-home sales are on the rise… with second and holiday home builders seeing a surge in demand…’.

However, this burgeoning availability along with the increasing demand begs a question for consideration. With lockdowns, closed borders, quarantine requirements, and the unreliability of scheduled commercial flights, how do you get to your second home?

The growing desire for ownership of a second home during COVID-19 is being matched by the increasing demand for private jet charter services. With many more private jets available to the public market, prices are now more affordable than at any time in the past.  Plus, by using a premium service jet charter company, second home owners have the world at their fingertips.

Such specialist charter companies have the expertise and the ability to organize your mode of luxury transportation, directly from your home to your home away from home. Having a second home, and a private jet charter at your disposal, you can dispense with the need for hotel self-isolation on arrival and start enjoying the change of scenery  the moment you get there.

Purchasing a second home allows you to spend time in safety with family, friends, and colleagues, without the restrictions imposed by hotel stays and commercial passenger travel. You might even choose to purchase your home close to other family members, meaning you’ll never again have to remain apart for long periods as is the case right now.

Second Home

The COVID-19 change in mindset for Second Home 

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new mindset in the thinking of many prospective second home buyers. The crisis has sparked awareness and an appreciation of what matters most in life; spending more time with family and friends, avoiding long commutes to and from the workplace, removing the stress of big city life, and enjoying the great outdoors to their utmost.

Such a pivotal change of thinking usually manifests itself during, and in the aftermath of life-changing events. On this occasion, the change in thinking is due to the realizations that come with the ongoing uncertainty for the future, and a willingness to be prepared for other such eventualities which may follow.

When processing the idea of a second home, prospective buyers are casting their nets further than in the past. In the US, traditional resorts – some within driving distance of home – are largely being overlooked because property prices in easy-access destinations have increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic.

On the flip side of the coin, housing prices in destinations only reachable by private jet charter, have plummeted due to the decline in the tourism rental business. When adding the availability of private jet hire to the equation, it becomes evident that purchasing properties in these currently ‘unoccupied’ destinations make sound financial sense just now.

When considering the purchase of a second home for whatever reason, prospective buyers would be well advised to also research the proximity of the nearest airport or private landing strips. With such facilities on your doorstep, private jet hire negates all of the complications associated with scheduled transportation options. Private jet charters mean that traveling can literally be from door- to- door.

The means to a predictable future 

There is hope that with the speedy delivery of vaccines across the globe, it means there is  light at the end of the tunnel.

For those in a position to narrow the scope of uncertainty, second homes and private jet hire are the means to maintain a more predictable, and more secure future.

Taking care of the health and safety of family and friends, while maintaining a balanced state of mental wellbeing is of paramount importance going forward. Second homes, and the ability to reach them, are an increasingly achievable means of accessing those goals.

What was once considered an indication of affluence, has become a viable option for a wider audience.  The greater affordability of second homes – along with the safety and flexibility of private jets waiting to take you there – can go a long way towards guaranteeing peace-of-mind, greater productivity, and a more satisfying way of life.

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