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Langtang Trek: The place is in Nepal’s northern region. It is the Southern Tibetan border in Nepal. Called the “Valley of Glaciers”. It is the nearest and effortless trek route in Langtang valley of Nepal. You will start walking from Syabrubesi from the Langtang region. Inside this trek, you have to walk along the ancient trade route. Waterfalls and glaciers at elevations that are lower will amaze you. You will have the privilege of getting sight of it. Langtang Trek The places specialize in pastures, yak farms. The settlements of combined cultural inhabitants. Classical monasteries and Gompas adds to the place’s beauty. Also, the varied fauna and flora in Alpine forests and farmlands that are mountainous add to your excitement.

6  Best Short Treks in Nepal

En course you get a opportunity to interact with all the Tamangs and Sherpa inhabitants of Helambu village. The main highlight of the trek is the magnificent mountain views at a surrounding that is clean. Langtang Himal, Langtang Lirung, Langtang Ri, Dorje Lakpa one of them.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek: The travelers love magnificent village trip, mountain views. The road passes through bamboo woods and landscapes in Alpine meadows. It’s an perfect trek in the Annapurna area. Ghorepani Poon hill trek route is passed through by the high path into the Annapurna Base Camp. Or you opt to stroll through Dhampus or may walk through Syuli Bazar. You will meet at Chhomrong to move into the bottom camp. Reaching the foundation of Annapurna range is going to be a encounter. Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machhapuchhre from the north along with other many peaks at the south. En route, you can cleanse your perspiration. So anybody with the will to walk across the ridges can decide on this trek this really is a trek. You may pick different seasons should you want to avoid crowds although Spring and Fall will be the season. Since the weather is chilly but not intolerable It’s possible to trek through winter also.

Chisapani- Nagarkot- Dhulikhel Trek: It’s one of the treks across the valley. Suits for people who have time for treks but nevertheless would like to go for you personally. Walking along the Bagmati river that is rugged, you’ll take 4-5 hours to achieve Chisapani. En route you walk through a hardwood forest and a Tamang settlement that is standard. You’ll have the sunrise view together with Chisapani lake perspective. En route you’ll have the perspective of the Kathmandu valley. Hillside opinion of Charikot Bazar insights. While in Dhulikhel, you may see with Namobuddha- a Buddhist shrine at a calm surrounding. To Nagarkot – a mountain station of the valley, you may reach Following a stroll of 8-9 hours. The area provides the view of hills to you. Together with the countryside settlements of individuals of mixed ethnicity. You have alternatives for lodging at Nagarkot. Your body freshens after the walk the following morning.

Everest View Trek: It’s one of the most popular treks in Nepal. This trek who don’t have time for Everest Base Camp Trek is chosen by many vacationers. The trek begins following having a flight from Kathmandu – from Lukla. Everest View Trek is the best panorama trek in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Together with an experience with this place’s natives – Sherpa understands. You get to learn about their culture and way of life.

You’ll be able to enjoy activities of the natives of Khumbu area and the daily life. The sight of freezing ridges and Khumbu glacier amazes you. Round the road, you pass through forests of rhododendron blossoms and pines. The area is renowned for wildlife and birds.

The trip to Tengboche monastery is a bonus for your trek. You have to enjoy Khumjung village people’s settlements.

Dolakha – Kalinchowk trek: After a walk of 19 kilometers from Charikot across the graveled street, you may reach Kuri village. A steep climb uphill from the Kuri village and you’re on Kalinchowk shrine’s hilltop. On this trek, you’ll have the privilege of strolling around Gaurishankar Conservation Area. These two areas are famous because of their heritage. So, you will have fun visiting with the normal cultural heritage of the place . The trek is famous for Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple situated atop of the mountain. The place offers the breathtaking view of Mt. Gaurishankar, Jugal, Annapurna, and Everest. You get hospitality from people of caste and different culture. The roadway blossoms in Rhododendron blossoms in spring. And chirps of birds at the topography. You may enjoy this snowfall in this region, if you’re fortunate. A lot of people visit the shrine during winter to acquire the magnificent mountain views. And also to enjoy live snowfall. Kalinchowk is a favorite Hindu shrine in southern mountains in Dolakha district of Nepal.This is a brief trek from Kathmandu- 150 km. Suits for those who don’t have time to visit northern mountains. But still, wish to walk in the rock-hills that are chilly. Considering that the location is in elevation, odds are high in elevation sickness. So, we advise you to take Garlic Ginger as medication to beat the heights off. In another time than winter, the road is quite easy, you’ll have easy trek.

Poon Hill Trek: It’s but one of Nepal’s favorite and brief treks in Annapurna area. This trek is acceptable for all age groups due to its lower elevations. Additionally temperature. It’s possible to go with this trek throughout the year. However, as the moves may be blocked by snow in areas, you have to be cautious during winter. Round the road, you wander through cities of Magars and Gurungs in Ghorepani. You’ll cross Ghandruk and Ulleri village . Additionally, the flora and birds that are distinct. It welcomes you with mountain perspectives and sunrise Following this walk into the Poon mountain. In addition to views of Annapurna, Hiuchuli, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri.

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Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies for people of different age. From school trips in teen age to traveling around the world after retirement, traveling provides lot of excitement, adventure and various experiences, contributing to a more fulfilling life.

3 Traveling Lessons by the Travel Expert of the Zodiac

If you have recently discovered your passion for traveling, it’s safe to assume that there’s a lot you need to know before you begin your adventure, whether it’s just a trip or you’re planning to start a life full of traveling. Well, no worries – we got you. Actually, the zodiac expert in travels got you. Wondering which zodiac sign is considered an expert in traveling? It’s the Sagittarius, the restless adventurer and eternal traveler who’s on a mission to see the world’s best and worst.

People born under Sagittarius have a lot to share from their traveling adventures, which is why we’ve written this short guide with 3 important traveling lessons shared by one. With no further ado, let’s get you ready with 3 traveling lessons by the zodiac traveling expert.

Travel Alone

Traveling gives you an opportunity to go out and get new perspectives on the world. It gives you the space you need to grow as a person and discover new passions, new hobbies and new interests. Traveling will undoubtedly reveal hidden parts of your personality. If you ask a Sagittarius, they will tell you that traveling is best when alone, because you are not limited in any way and you can do and go wherever and whenever you want to. There’s nothing bad in traveling with a friend or partner, but still, Sagittarius’ advice would be to buy a single ticket, take one bag only and go get new experiences.

Never Visit the Same Country Twice

If you were to ask a Sagittarius which country to go, their only advice will be to go some place where you’ve never been before. Regardless of your fascination, adoration and feelings you hold for a particular place, the world is too big and has too many places worth seeing. Sagittarius individuals are driven to explore every corner of the map and seek the unfamiliar and new, which is why they would advice you to do the same. Get out of your comfort zone and see further than the place that feels warm and comfortable.

Do Not Invest in Real Estate 

Traveling can be addictive. Once you start exploring the world’s strangest and most beautiful corners, you will never get enough of it. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are always on the move, which is why having a luxurious or expensive place in their hometown is not something they desire much. Instead of investing in real estate, they would much rather travel around the world and live life to the fullest. Of course, having a place to stay when home matters, but a small, warm and practical place will do it. If you are about to start traveling, you should get the idea of investing in real estate out of your head. You’ll know why as soon as you see the world’s wonders.

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Are you planning a trip to a totally different city or state or country? So make it more adventurous by hiring a tour operator, because visiting a new place sounds really exciting, but it could be exhausting if you have no idea about the places to visit, language, food, etc. Hiring an operator will not only make your trip stress-free, but also economical because paying a fee to an operator is less expensive rather spending on extravagantly on other stuff on the trip. A tour operator will make you enjoy the best food in the city, beautiful sights, hotels, etc. If you are interested in knowing artifacts and history behind any historical monuments, a knowledgeable operator will provide you with all such enriching facts.

Tours and Travels


If you are looking for a local operator you can contact the travelling agency nearby your area. Or there are many online travelling agencies offering the services of an experienced operator. Other than this there are many freelancer operators available online.


There are certain qualities that make an operator different from others. An ideal operator is smart and knowledgeable who will guide you throughout the trip without any hassle. You need not worry about directions or route because an experienced operator will make you travel in most comfortable means of transport. More than this, an operator must be charismatic and amiable, so that you won’t feel like being on an educational tour with your school principal. A tour guide must have good communication skills because if you are travelling with a group, it is obvious that there will be chaos and confusion that an operator needs to manage with maturity. It is must for an operator to possess good organizational skills in order to maintain coordination among group members and stick to the schedule of the trip. He or she must be emphatic and cordial because no one likes to go on a trip with an arrogant person that sucks the whole fun out of the tour. Managing time is one of the greatest virtues that an operator must possess because you need to be a certain place at a particular time without any delay. An operator can either make your vacations super fun or can make it a horrible experience.


Before selecting an operator, first, make it sure the fee is within your travelling budget. Other than this, choose an experienced and reputed operator, because it is always wise to explore with someone having knowledge about that place. Always follow the instruction of your tour guide when it comes to directions, punctuality, means of transport, etc. Everyone needs a break from their hectic schedule, so plan a solo trip or with your friends or family, hire a tour operator and explore different cities, their culture, food and natural beauty.

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