The Impact of Internet on Tourism Industry

The Impact of Internet on Tourism Industry

As the usage of internet is increasing day by day, most of the businesses have already started using it as one of the most efficient marketing tool. Other than industrial marketing, internet is being used for number of worldwide activities. From being a digital medium to an electronic storage channel, internet has become an integral part of each one of us in our everyday life. For students to professors, doctors to engineers, internet has become one of the “must have” tool to accomplish their degree or certification. So, even if you have an finance assignment to submit and you want to take help online, with the help going internet surfing, you can search for good finance dissertation topics to get your assignment done.

Ever since the advent  of internet marketing, marketers are now taking a step back from traditional marketing as they find digital way of advertising to be more convenient and it can attract more customers in one go. As far as tourism industry is concerned, the internet has offer number of opportunities for tourists to manage their travel arrangements online rather than taking help from travel agents who take 10% commission for booking a ticket.

Ever wondered how has internet become the major source of travel arrangements for all the potential travelers out there? How has internet become an intermediary medium between travel agencies and tourists themselves? Well, with enhanced efficiency, time consumption and making the process speedy, internet has taken over traditional ways of booking tickets, selecting your travel destinations and even hotel bookings. Although you can take help from finance dissertations topics available online regarding the finances of your travel, internet can be a good source for you to manage your expenses throughout your travel.  Since the face to face intervention of travel agents have become significantly less, it is high time that travel  agents look for some serious strategies to boost their tourism business. Now, with internet being tourism medium, the role of travel agents have taken another turn. Not only the travel agent can make bookings over internet, they can have two way communication of each of their advertisement and public posts. Their responsibilities have become much more simpler and well-timed and it also bring reduction in operational costs.

Since the availability and accessibility of internet have become extremely easier all over the world, the tourists industry, like other industries, have taken absolute advantage of that and gone online. They have found internet as a perfect channel to attar more and more customers towards them also satisfying them with their every requirement in no time.


Why do Travelers Choose Internet as their Travel Booking Medium?

Are you too busy to visit a travel agent and make your bookings done manually? If yes, it won’t be a problem anymore as internet has made the process exceptionally convenient. You can now book your tickets online from your workplace or home in case you too busy to meet a travel agent physically.Customer prefer internet booking for their travel rather than traditional ways since it is extremely convenient, resourceful and cost saving. In addition to this, internet also provides rates of other service providers as well so that customers can compare the rates and choose the most suitable travel plan. This strategy has made online travel marketers to be more competitive and quote better rates and discounts as there is low operational cost and they can easily catch more customers. While making bookings for your travel, you can also search for exact finances and expenses required during the whole travel as different finance dissertation topics related to tourism would be of much help.

Customers have the opportunity to learn about the places they are going to visit or even decide their travel destination with the help other people recommendation who have already visited the place. The process of getting to know the place prior to this visit add to the travel motivation and excitement to be there as soon as possible.

Strategies implemented through Digital Platform

Here are few innovative ideas that a tourist industry opt in order to gain customer attention towards them.

  • With the help of adding high quality visualization, user friendly interface of the website and attractive images of various destinations will surely help you gain significantly positive response.
  • Through internet, the products and services offered by a tourism industry can be presented in a way that catalogue and brochures can’t express.
  • A customer wants every process to be as simple as possible. The want their tasks to be done within a few number of clicks. A clear and simple booking mechanism can help choose different packages and avail various offers that results in gaining customer satisfaction.
  • The idea of sharing of valuable feedbacks of customers and their travel experiences with your firm would attract number of potential clients and even the existing ones with stay connected to you.
  • Even if the travel agency wants to calculate their expenses required in a particular tour, they get search for some good finance dissertation topics related to tourism or simply surf through internet and come up with good results.
  • Travel agents can maintain a healthy relationship with their customers if they work hard to satisfy their needs in every possible way. Such happy customers will prefer the same travel agent in all of their future plans as their first visit with them went flawless. The good quality service offered by them will help them to grow business and maximize profits.
  • Digital Platform can target particular audience which they want to attract. The advertising strategies they opt would help them reach out to the desired audience resulting in rapid progressive growth.

Needless to say, internet has taken over almost all the businesses at present, the tourism industry has taken full advantage of it and managed to be a good contestant in this race. With each passing day, people are becoming more tech-savvy and most of  them rely on internet for each of the minute detail, information or inquiry they help in their everyday life.

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