All you need to know about Scandal Point in Shimla

All you need to know about Scandal Point in Shimla

Shimla is one of the leading tourist destinations in India and of the best hill station in the country. Millions of tourists every year visit Shimla to see the sight or enjoy honey or simply to escape the heat of many Indian cities. Shimla has many historic tourist destinations and one of the popular tourist destinations includes Scandal Point.

Scandal Point

Mall Road and Ridge Road are two popular streets in Shimla for tourists visiting this hill station. Mall Road is a shopping street in Shimla and there are many restaurants, tourist offices, banks, clubs, and bars on this street. The Ridge is an open space in Shimla where many cultural activities of the city take place. The Christ Church, The Gaiety Heritage, and The State Library are all located here. The Scandal Point is a location in Shimla where Mall Road meets Ridge Road in Shimla. This location is visited by tourists because of the story that is attached to this location which was quite a scandal in the British Raj. The name Scandal Point is derived from this scandalous story that attracts tourists to visit this area.

Scandal Point

The Story of Scandal Point

In the late nineteenth century, the Maharaja of Patiala fell in love with the daughter of the Viceroy. It is believed that the Maharaja and the Viceroy’s daughter eloped at this point in Shimla and this caused a huge commotion and scandal. The British were angered by this and banned the Maharaja from entering Shimla. The Maharaja then created his own summer capital and hill station in Chail which is 45 kilometers away from Shimla. Scandal Point joins Mall Road in Shimla with Ridge Road in Shimla both of which are a famous tourist destination. The romantic folklore attached to this point makes it popular especially with honeymooners visiting Shimla.

Details about Scandal Point

  • Scandal Point is very easy to visit for tourists as it is a location between two popular tourist destinations in Shimla- Mall Road and Ridge Road.
  • This is a meeting place for many locals or tourists as it is in the center of the city and a convenient place to meet up with other tourists or for locals to meet friends.
  • Scandal Point has many shops and banks in and around the area and the local post office is also nearby. This is a fun and relaxing place to visit as tourists can spend time at this tourist attraction and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the region.
  • Scandal Point offers nature lover’s a great vantage point to view the beautiful mountains that surround the hill station of Shimla.
  • Tourists can enjoy the nearby shops, sample the local cuisine in the area and also take a horse ride around tourist attractions of Shimla from this point. Scandal Point is located in the heart of the commercial and cultural district of the city and one of the popular tourist attractions in Shimla.
  • Lala Lajpat Rai’s statue is placed at Scandal Point and honored by Shimla as he was a great freedom fighter for the country.

How to Reach

Shimla can be reached by road, by air and also by railway. The Kalka Shimla Railway is a historic and beautiful railway line which many tourists opt for while visiting Shimla. Shimla Airport is 14 kilometers from the city. Scandal Point is located in the heart of the city. Though local buses and private vehicles are available in Shimla, Scandal Point is located in an area which bans vehicles so reaching it by foot is the only way to see this tourist attraction. The best time to visit is between 6 AM and 8 PM.

Shimla is a beautiful and historic tourist destination and places like Scandal Point add to the charm of the city.

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