Quintessential Nepal: 7 things to do in the Nepal Himalayas

Quintessential Nepal: 7 things to do in the Nepal Himalayas

If you are truly a mountain fanatic, then life does not get any better than on a trek in the Nepal Himalaya. Nepal, a tiny nation, surrounded by massive countries in the world, is one of the largest Himalayan states in the world. The whole north of Nepal is bordered with China by magnificent snowcapped peaks. And further south, lie Nepal’s wide and dense national parks and borders with India from east, west, and south. These national park buffs with treetops for exotic bird species and various wild creatures. Therefore, whether you are in Nepal to explore the glorious white Himalayas or to see the assorted vegetation of Nepal, you will always find interesting things to do in Nepal. After all, the country is filled with exciting and wonderful things that are appealing to the visitor’s eye. Similarly, the arts and architecture along with culture and tradition are some other attractive features of Nepal.

Quintessential Nepal and why one should explore this Himalayan Nation?

Nepal has one of the best natural ecosystems and spectacular terrains, alongside the amicable incorporation of different ethnic and religious groups, which provides a wonderful setting for multiple adventure activities. Also, the ancient cities of Kathmandu valley offer the beguiling promise of cultural insights with the tour old monarchical palaces. The designs of the temples are architecturally complex, with statues, carvings and figures sculpted and adorned. The three largest Durbar Squares in the valleys showcase ancient patios, intricate sculptures, and statues, holy temples with a great deal of fabulous art and designs. Henceforth, Nepal is a plethora of varied ethnic heritage and is sumptuous by glorious history. Nepal is also surrounded by stunning scenery, varied land areas, rugged hills covered with green forests, and fabulous plains from the smooth areas of Terai.

On the whole, visiting Nepal presents an exotic holiday where people get to witness the unique culture and practices of various ethnicities. Furthermore, one can enjoy the majestic sights of the mountain peaks and trek in the remote villages and settlements residing in the high altitudes of Nepal.

Top 7 things to do in the Nepal Himalayas


Trekking in Nepal is one of the most acclaimed activities to do in the country. On account of the nation’s wonderful geography and land highlights, Nepal journeying is an eminent issue. With many traveling objections and districts like Everest Base Camp Trek, Mustang, Dolpo, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, and Kanchenjunga among numerous others, journeying in Nepal is preferred by a large number of guests consistently. With a wonderful embroidery of ivory mountain tops, Nepal journeying incorporates sights and visits to numerous cerulean zeniths, at the same time strolling on trails that display a predisposing common habitat. Nepal journeying likewise presents many secluded and far away settlements that lie on the way to the mountains, allowing voyagers the chance to have close experiences with the exceptional culture, custom, and everyday way of life of the indigenous mountain individuals. Therefore, to get a whole cultural and natural experience, people mostly prefer doing a trek in Nepal. Henceforth, it is one of the top things to do in Nepal.


When people want to enjoy the serene and tranquil ambiance, they go for Hiking in Nepal. There are many hill stations in Nepal that are close to Kathmandu valley and offer the majestic views and solace of being away from the bustling cities. Not only is hiking the popular thing to do for solace and breathtaking views, but it is also a perfect escape to get a quick relaxation in nature. Besides, all the hill stations or hiking trails of Nepal offer peace and calm surroundings. Similarly, Nepal Hiking is an excellent complement to reinvigorate with the sights and atmosphere of the wonderful environment. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the panoramic views of breathtaking mountains visible from the vantage points of Nepal. Similarly, hiking with overnight trips is beautiful as it gives you a chance to see the first ray of sunrise rising amidst the ivory tops. And even if you are a mountain admirer but trekking is tiring or impossible for you then you must resort to Hiking. It is the best alternative to trekking and an easy way to see the snowcapped peaks.

Peak Climbing and Mountaineering

Nepal being the Himalayan nation, many activities related to mountains are available to do in Nepal. And among many activities, peak climbing and mountaineering are one of them. There are hundreds of mountain peaks that are available for the summit. So if you are an adventure lover who loves challenges and is not afraid to face them then mountaineering in Nepal is the one you should probably do while in Nepal. Peak climbing is a common experience that mountaineers who want more fun than usual trekking in the country often carry out. Although it is a more challenging and strenuous task to do, it is very worthy of your time. Some of the prominent peaks for peak climbing are Island peak, Lobuche, Pisang peak, Mear peak, and Tharpu chuli peak. Besides that, most of the highest mountains in the world are open for climbing as well. Henceforth, if you are a fun and adventure lover, then peak climbing and mountaineering are something they should indulge.

Cultural Tours

As Nepal’s cultural and religious uniformity is rich, it is affluent in destinations and places that illustrate the credibility of the art, architecture, and tradition of Nepal. The peculiar contrast of art and practicality in the country is Nepali architecture, art, and culture visits. Additionally, as the country is wedged between two culturally rich nations, you can find some influence of their cultures in Nepali culture as well. The reason why similarities can be identified is because of the trading that used to happen between these countries in medieval times. Furthermore, pagoda-style temples which are pretty affluent in the history of traditional architecture are quite affluent in Nepal. The design can be seen as the temples, monasteries, palaces, and ancient houses. Similarly, Boudhanath stupa, Swayambhunath, and Pashupatinath are some of the holy and sacred places in Nepal where you can see the belief and respect towards different religions that are followed in Nepal. Similarly, to appreciate the intricate traditional designs visit the three durbar squares of Kathmandu valley and they are Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. Visiting these places will give you a glimpse of the culture and traditions of Nepal.

White water rafting

Nepal is a rich country in water resources. With more than 6000 rivers, the country offers a plethora of destinations for water activities such as canoeing, white water rafting, kayaking, boating, and many more. Likewise, different ranges of water rapids are available for river rafting enthusiasts to experience. Thus, if you are a beginner or an experienced rafter, the water rapids of Nepal will amaze you. Trishuli, Bheri, Bhote Koshi, Karnali, Sun Koshi are some of the popular rivers for water adventure sports including white water rafting.

Wildlife Adventures

Nepal has a wide range of plants and animals, owing to the temperature difference between tropical and arctic climates. To conserve its varied fauna, Nepal has established many national parks and reserves. Among many national parks of Nepal, Chitwan national park is a pretty popular spot for wildlife adventures. The park is home to rare and endangered species like the Royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, pythons, and large species of birds. And visitors are allowed to get close to the natural habitat of these creatures through canoeing, jeep safari, and jungle walking. And with several other national parks similar to Chitwan, wildlife adventures in the nation makes for an unwinding and wonderful time in the rich woods.

Adventure activities

Adventure activities such as zip-lining, bungee jumping, paragliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, skydiving, are some of the popular outdoor activities in Nepal. Owning with Nepal’s unique geographical conditions, spots for such activities are designed and built carefully for the thrill-seekers. Also, the rugged terrain of Nepal is perfect for mountain bikers who long for nature off the beaten tracks for their adventures. All in all, the beautiful countryside and the natural resources of the country encourage people to do these things most enjoyably. Besides, these are short and quick activities that are full of excitement and stimulation.

On the whole, despite being small in area, the country offers varieties of things to do in Nepal. These activities not only get you closer to Nepal’s unique cultures and traditions, but it also brings you close to Mother Nature. All these are worth your time and energy so plan your next adventure in Nepal and include any one of the mentioned activities in your to-do list.

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