5 Top Games That You Can Enjoy While Travelling

If you love experiencing different places, but hate taking long trips, or the many hours that you sit in the airport lobby waiting to board a plane, I have a little secret to share with you.

With the help of free Wi-Fi available in most hotels and airports, you can enjoy lots of fun while travelling. If you are looking for something not online then get a travel cornhole board that’s small enough for the trunk of your car.  

Instead of sleeping on a bus or train while on a trip, why not do something that is not only fun but can also earn you some money?

Sitting for long hours in the car or train can indeed be one of the most boring nightmares for most travellers. However, you can add a little spice to your journey by engaging in online games.

Next time you are on that long journey, try these online games and you will make your journey much more exciting;

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Maybe you already know about this famous game, but if you don’t, I’m here to share more information about it.

This is a game that you can easily install on your smartphone. As a player, you are required to build your clan and an army, as well as create buildings. You will also be required to take your troops to the battlefield. 

Clash of Clans is a very interesting game. The best part is the many challenges and prizes that are available on the game.

You can play the game as a single-player or better, compete with fellow players. This is an exciting way to reduce boredom during long trips.


VainGlory is another outstanding mobile game that comes with a multiplayer experience. This means that the game allows each player to battle it out with fellow teammates by providing a team of opponents that are evenly matched. 

If you half an hour to spare before boarding your flight, you can try out VainGlory.  

Online Casino Slots

These are by far the easiest and most profitable online games of all time.  If you are travelling, why not try out a few slots instead of spending all your free time on social media services platforms?


An online website like Deluxecasinobonus.com offers a lot of selections when it comes to slot games.

Online casino slots are quite easy to grasp, and there is less work required by the player.  

The games involve spinning of some reels, where a correct match of certain symbols can win you some amount of cash.

Online casino slots come in all shapes and sizes. Some are Progressive jackpots, while others come in 3 Reel Classics or Multi-Payline & Multi Reel. 

Due to their varying design, their rules may differ. Additionally, some of the slots may be similar, but the features and payouts may vary based on the platform.

Be3fore settling a slot game, look around and compare notes. Afterwards, you can go for an online slot machine casino that offers the best deal with easy to follow rules.

If it’s your lucky day, you can strike a huge win, and you will even enjoy your travel more. 


Waze is more of a fun game, as opposed to a travel group. However, this app is a good way to spice up a long tiring road trip.

This is a traffic app that you can install on your smartphone and use it to share traffic tips with other drivers in real-time. 

Although it is more of a community-based type of app, Waze comes with very useful social and game-like features. 

You can use the app’s features to share any stopovers, arrivals, or other traffic information that you may have with friends.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is not new, as the game has been popular over the years. However, the latest version has been ported onto mobile from an older and popular PC game

The game is all about controlling a tank, where you are battling with other players who are also controlling their own tanks.

As you advance, you will be able to unlock more challenges that will upgrade your tank. This means a faster and tougher movement of your tank.

It’s a very engaging game that is easily integrated for mobile players. 


With highly engaging games like World of Tanks Blitz, your travel should no longer be boring.

You can try several of them during your travel, and sure enough, your trip will be a lot more interesting. 

Online games are a good way of adding some excitement to an otherwise boring long journey.

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