The best food tours of Shanghai

Shanghai can be defined as the melting pot of cultures. There are a lot of attraction that you might experience here, once you have decided to tour the place. Apart from historical places, try the various flavors of Shanghai with sumptuous food tours. Fly to Shanghai  with the best available flight, and you will land at one of the most interesting cities which never fails to impress you. 

  • Shanghai night eats tour:  As soon as the dusk sets in, you will have the opportunity to explore the best local and regional cuisines paired with the local beers, soft drinks as well as spirits. You would love to taste the local dishes from Shanghai in the Jiangnan area. You may even explore the southern and the northwestern China and Sichuan. Shanghai, the financial capital of China would attract millions of tourists with the local culinary culture and ingredients. You will be tasting China’s best traditional cuisines, and dine at the neighborhood restaurants. Then you can sip in the world’s most consumed liquor. The evening will be fun filled and you will experience the various local dishes of the country, thereby getting various flavors. 
  • Dumpling delights hands on: Dumplings are a specialty of Shanghai, China. Well, this your will give you an idea of making dumplings, especially the beaten path of savoring variety of dumplings. You will get a taste of all the street food starting from fried up pot stickers, boiled Jiaozi, mom and pop shops who serve those meat filled melt in mouth wonders. While sampling the friend dumplings you might find your way to the leafy former French Concession and admire the deco architecture and have an idea on how the Shanghainese live. You will make the intricate dumplings and carry forward a skill to boast and story about your grandchildren. 
  • Street eat breakfast at Shanghai:  Some of the best breakfast items of Shanghai are arguably found in the street side corner during morning hours. When you explore the local Chinese market, you will realize why the Chinese have breakfast outside their homes.  You will meet some very trusted vendor who sells classic local dishes that includes the world famous Jianbing or Chinese crepe, soup dumplings, freshly pulled noodles and many more. You may even visit the wet market, and explore the bustling local park. Visit the beaten path of the former French concession, an exclusive experience. 
  • Night eats and wine pairing: If you are eager to learn about the night time food and fantasies of Shanghai, you must avail this tour that involves dining and wining from the city’s best winery. Have you been introduced to China’s award winning boutique winery? You may combine your special night eats with authentic ‘Made in China’ wines. This tour will involve stop over and tasting in three award winning wines, all for an adult nighttime entertainment and drink extravaganza. This will be a never before experience for local wine for you.  
  • Cocktail tour and speak easy: if you take a walk along the famous French Concessions then you might discover some best speakeasies and noodles of the town. Kick things like the cocktail mixing class by a bartender and settle for some of the best foodies in the town. You’ll slip through the entrances to explore one of the best Taiwanese treat the blends with the smoothest cocktails. 


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