8 Must-Have Items To Bring For A Happy and Safe Hiking Trip

8 Must-Have Items To Bring For A Happy and Safe Hiking Trip

Admit it, when we go out for a hiking trip, we often find ourselves trying to pack all that we deem essential in one heavy backpack. 

Well, it only burdens us in the end. That’s because we either suffer from extreme back pain or the worst of all — we forget the must-have items that will help us during the trip.

There’s nothing more rewarding than completing a trek with a happy mood and an overall safe adventure. 

Good thing, we’ve all learned from our rookie mistakes. And we’re here to share with you the eight items that should be inside your bags whenever you go for a hike:


The first on our list is a backpack, of course. You’ll be needing a sturdy one to carry all that you need during the trip, including water bottles, food, extra clothes, and other essentials.

The size of your backpack will depend on how long you plan to take the trip.

If you’re only doing a day hike, at least an 11-liter bag is enough for you. But if you’re camping for a week, be sure to bring a more oversized backpack because you will need more items.

Map and compass

You might think your phones and GPS are reliable enough to show you the way. But in reality, they don’t do much, especially in the backcountries where a signal is scarce and hard to find.

You can still bring them with you because they have features that traditional maps and compass don’t have. But don’t rely on it too much.

It’s always safe to bring a foldable map of the place and your trusty compass to guide you through the trek.

Just be sure to learn how to read a compass and how to use a map before embarking on this journey.

Paracord bracelet

You may think this is some sort of an accessory or a mere bracelet for everyone. But wait till you learn that a paracord bracelet is your key to survival during a hike.

It can go as far as 12-feet long if you untie the knots, which you could use to fish, mount a tent, and even for sewing.

There are different types of paracord bracelets. There are options where they have a built-in fire starter and a small knife.


This one’s a no-brainer. We all should bring sunscreen when exploring the great outdoors because we’ll spend a fair amount of time under the sun’s harsh rays.

We must keep our skin protected before it can cause even more significant damage and severe health problems in the future.

Water bottle

Staying hydrated throughout your hike will not only result in better performance, but it can also mean an overall happy vibe.

Being thirsty can slow us down. It can even cause health problems that we don’t expect. So to avoid having to deal with, such when hiking, be sure to bring your sturdiest water bottle.

You can look for refilling stations along the path. There are plenty of stations like this in most parks, so don’t worry about it. If you’re lucky, you may also encounter freshwater springs where you can refill your own bottle.


When you have your water bottle with you, don’t forget to bring your airtight snack container. You need fuel to continue with the hike.

You don’t have to bring a fancy main course to fill your belly up. Granola bars, trail mix, and other energy bars will come in handy when you feel hungry, and the next food stop is still miles away.

Besides, they won’t take up too much space inside your backpack.

You may also bring sandwiches if that’s your thing. And while you’re at it, be sure to load it with fruits and other healthy jams to give you enough nutrients during the trip.


Let’s not forget that your eyes need protection too. You may not feel it right away, but your eyes can accumulate damage from repeated exposure to the sun without ample protection.

A pair of sunglasses isn’t just an accessory to make you look good. It’s here to protect you from hurting your eyes.

Proper clothes and footwear

It’s essential to pay attention to the type of clothes you’ll be wearing for a hike. Just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean it can protect you from harm during the adventure.

Hiking is a strenuous but fun activity. You’ll sweat, and at times, you’ll encounter bodies of water. In situations like this, you need to anticipate getting wet. So, don’t wear clothes that will weigh heavily when drenched in water. 

Conversely, you must also bring a rain jacket in case it rains. A natural and dense forest can sometimes bring in wind and rain, so you must be prepared to face it. 

Don’t forget to wear a pair of comfortable hiking boots or sandals. You don’t want to nurse a sore foot in the middle of the forest because you’ve worn the wrong type of footwear.

Keep these eight items in your backpack and on your list to ensure that you’ll have an amazingly safe hiking trip.

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