Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Virtual Social Travel

It comes in waves, the publicity and take up of virtual social worlds on the internet, but you can't help really wondering that this is leading to something big. I have written about a few times in this blog about Second Life, and whether is is really taking off or not and the impact it potentially will have on travel and this is a continuation of that.

There are now over 40 well used virtual social worlds online all of which are gathering pace it would seem with usage.

If you don't know what I am on about when talking about a virtual social world and want to get a glimse of many of them then see this recently published video by Gary Hayes - 2008 METAVERSE TOUR - THE SOCIAL VIRTUAL WORLD'S A STAGE

Where is this all leading? Well who knows exactly, but I do recon that at some stage it will become more attractive (for certain things) to visit the
virtual place than the real place (travel costs, global warming, environmental, overcrowding, safety, been to most places).

One day a travel company (not as we know it) will offer a virtual travel experience?