Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Social Travel Applications on Facebook

Looking further into the social travel applications on Facebook, as of the 3rd November there are 215 in total ranging from trip reviews to visitor guides. [note: in 3 days there have been a further 12 travel applications added!]

Roughtly 50% of the applications are provided by companies 50% by individuals.

There are only a few travel companies with applications, the most prominent being STA Travel which seem to be embracing all types of web2.0 with open arms.

STA Travel - Student Travel
Charterflights - Flights
Hostelbook - Hostel Booking
Visitopia - General Travel Tickets

There are a real pletora of social/comparison/media travel companies with applications:

Usage of Travel Applications
In terms of the number of users that are using these applications TripAdvisor is ranked in second place is terms of daily usage with 110,850 active users per day. There are not many sites with this number with SideStep in 9th place with only 3,390 per day. WAYN is sitting at a lowly 184th place with only 3 active users a day!

Within the last 3 days there have been a further 12 travel applications added, which just goes to show the speed in which this is being adopted.

For full stats go to or sign up to Facebook and have a look at the applications on there.