Monday, 17 September 2007

What type of Travel Company Creates Holidays / Vacations?

Tour Operators - Yes
Low Cost Carriers (LCC) - Yes
Scheduled Airlines - Yes
Travel Agents - Yes
Online Travel Agents - Yes
Flight Consolidators - Yes
Bed Banks - Yes

This hasn’t always been the case…. 10 years ago it would have been only Tour Operators.

We can confirm that the LCC are now firmly in the game of selling holidays with
EasyJet recently launching their online dynamic packaging system and Jet2 launching Jet2Holidays with a joint venture with Steve Endicott. Other Examples:

British Airways as a Scheduled Airline has been providing holidays for quite some time as a separate brand
BA Holidays, however it seems now that most airlines offer the ability to sell holidays. Other Examples: Qantas, Air NZ, American Airlines, Emirates Airlines

We can confirm that there are many Travel Agents with and ATOL licence and are putting together their own holidays. Examples:
Thomas Cook, Hays Travel, Direct Line Holidays, Global Travel, TravelRepublic

We can confirm that Online Travel Agents are providing holidays with Expedia, Travelocity and eBookers all providing the facility to build your own holiday online and also all hold an ATOL licence. Other Examples:, Orbitz, Opodo

We can confirm traditional Flight Consolidators such as
Airline Network, aka Gold Medal sell holidays and hold an ATOL licence. Other Examples: Dialaflight, Trailfinders, Travelmood

We can confirm that most Bed Banks have been acquired by travel businesses that sell holidays or have been already part of a business that sells holidays. Examples:
Med Hotels/, Somewhere2Stay/Cosmos, LateRooms/FirstChoice,

Does this mean now that we could categorise Tour Operators, Airlines, Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, Flight Consolidators, Bed Banks into one thing a Travel Seller?

This is a true confirmation of the travel industry change. This is taken from a UK slant but I know is not far off a global picture, especially where air travel is a component of the holiday.

There are underneath differences between each Travel Seller, as some companies own the airlines, some have their own hotels or commitment and some purely virtual based on no commitment and commercial deals.

The one thing that you can be sure of though is that the consumer won’t know this, so when they are looking to go on holiday / vacation it may be confusing, but "boy, do they have a choice!"