Friday, 31 August 2007

Where are your Customers Online….?

You may wonder where all your potential customers are online and how to attract them to your travel website. Well on Alexa you can see the top 500 websites in the world based on traffic.

World Top 20 WebSites

1. Yahoo!
2. Microsoft Network (MSN)
3. Google
4. YouTube
5. Windows Live
6. Myspace
8. Orkut
9. Wikipedia
10. Facebook
11. Hi5
15. Megaupload
16. Friendster
18. Microsoft Corporation
20. EBay

There were quite a few websites that I haven't really heard of and I bet you haven't either, albeit that this is a list of the worlds top websites, when you then have a look at the UK's top websites it is interesting also however most I know. The Internet Movie Database, AutoTrader and Gumtree are the suprising ones to be in the top20.

UK Top 20 Websites

1. Google UK
2. Yahoo!
3. Facebook
4. Google
5. Microsoft Network (MSN)
6. EBay UK
7. BBC Newsline Ticker
8. Myspace
9. YouTube
10. Windows Live
12. Wikipedia
15. The Internet Movie Database
16. Microsoft Corporation
17. Flickr
18. AutoTrader
19. Gumtree
20. Orange

Most of these websites sell advertising space but how many today do you deal with?

One further note on all of these, is that despite "travel" being a popular activiy on the internet, there is not one travel specific website in either the World or UK top 20. You can see however a list of the top travel websites on Alexa.

Alexia, I must admit is an excellent FREE service allowing you to see traffic information on most of the top websites in the world. Here you can find the fast growth and get a feel for where you could/should be looking to promote your website online.


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